Urban Water Guard

The seal's development was inspired by the customer feedback at Urban Bathrooms, the plumbing and heating supplies business in Freeman Street, Grimsby. The idea behind it is to provide a solution for customers who do not want to clean tiling, or to deal with the potential bowing of plastic cladding.

Simply by sealing over a painted area, Urban Water Guard creates a layer which gives the same protection as tiles and cladding, and provides a duarable surface on all types of walls.

Developed in collaboration with a manufacturer and a chemist, Urban Water Guard is fully waterproof and has a 20 year guarantee.

Craig Prescott, of Urban Bathrooms, said: "It works out cheaper than tiling, too. If you're looking to get an area tiled, you've got to factor in costs such as grout and adhesive, alongside getting the tiling fitted, which roughly works out at £60-£70 per square metre. With Urban Water Guard it would work out at around £24 per square metre, so it is half the cost."